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Palizine is a monthly online magazine that focuses on application security. In each issue, we discuss topics of current interest in developing and using secure software. Palizine articles are written by Paladion's security engineers and usually reflect their work in advising customers develop safer software.

We welcome you to be a part of Palizine. Your feedback helps us improve the quality of this magazine. Let us know what you would like to see more of, and what is less useful to you. And we'll make things better.

Authors: Various
Editorial Team: Balaji, Nilesh, Roshen, Runa, Sangita, Shalini, Siddharth.
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Plynt LogoPlynt is an Application Security Testing and Certification service. The Plynt Certificate is awarded only if an app meets the demanding Plynt criteria. It gives users the confidence the app has been thoroughly tested. And this is no ordinary test, mark you - our engineers don't just look for holes, they dig for'em. And if they can't find'em, then all chances are the most advanced hackers can't either. Learn more about the industry's most demanding certificate here.

Plynt is a Paladion enterprise.

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